Confronting Fear with Peter Banki, Ph.D

The fear of death is the mother of all fears. Arguably, it is behind all the fears we have in our lives. In this workshop we will not seek to overcome the fear of death, but more modesty just to approach and feel this fear, which is not simple since death is not something that is simply graspable.

Fear is not the opposite of courage. In fact, very often the two go together. Often we are not even aware that we are frightened of something, or the extent to which fear is in the driver's seat in so many important aspects of our lives. Fear is not necessary bad, it is there to protect us, but sometimes the protection prevents us from taking beautiful risks.   

The psyche is very complex, it can let go of things, only once it feels them. Often the thing we are we most frightened of, is the very thing we most have to confront. What we are most afraid of is usually where we have to go. This workshop will help you to be in that space.